Apart from its spiritual and religious reverence Brajbhoomi is also known for its variant culture and its mouth watering delicacies which are prepared with a blend of its colourful culture and sweetness of love and devotion . Brajbhoomi has different tastes on its plate owing to the different occasions and festive celebrations round the calendar apart from its regular specialities in sweets and savouries. The sweet aroma of the sweets and savouries allure the people and their delectable taste tempts them so much that they could not resist their tongue tasting it again and again.

Brajbhoomi which is popularly regarded as the land of cows, cowherd men and cowherd women and is eternally blessed by the divinity of Lord Krishna is usually famous for its rich milk products and milk-made sweets. Braj prepared milk products are so delectable that even Lord Krishna in his era could not resist himself from stealing butter and demanding milk products as tax from the cowherd maidens, so as to relish its sweet taste.

Sweet & Spicy taste of Braj:

  • Mathura is famous for its pede which is a sweet prepared using milk and is available during all seasons.
  • It has variety of sweets for different celebrations. Mawa gujhiyas are prepared on the ocassion of holi and variant tastes of sweet on the festive celebrations of diwali.
  • Festivities of Shravan ( July-August) month are complemented with the sweetness of ghevar which is a sweet prepared using milk, ghee and flour.
  • Govardhan is known for its special crispy Jalebi having the flavour of potatoes and popularly known as ‘Aloo ki Jalebi’. Pilgrims performing the parikrama should not miss this taste.
  • Milk boiled in cast iron pots and garnished with the saffron and dry fruits and served in earthen glasses (kullad) is another add-on to the flavours of Braj.
  • Sweet lassi garnished with malai and served in earthen glasses has just mouth licking taste.
  • The special breakfast of crispy kachori with spicy aloo ka jhol with the added taste of hot jalebis is famous throughout the Braj. One should never miss such a tempting breakfast.
  • Traditional Jaljeera water provides cooling and refreshing effect to the tired pilgrims.
  • The sweetness of sweets of Braj is duly complemented with the spicy chat of Mathura and Vrindavan which includes mouth watering aloo tikki, dahi-bhalla, papri-chat and also delicious gol-gappas which adds-on the special taste to the menu of Braj.


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